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3 Reasons to Make the Switch from Carpet to Vinyl Flooring

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It’s easy to see why carpet is a popular choice for rec rooms, kids’ bedrooms, hallways and more. After all, this classic flooring material is great for adding warmth and comfort. However, it’s not always the best for areas that are susceptible to messes. If you’re looking for a carpet alternative that’s easier to maintain, our highly rated Bryn Mawr flooring store recommends looking into resilient vinyl flooring.

Why Go from Carpet to Vinyl Flooring?

Here are a few possible reasons why vinyl flooring might make more sense for your space than carpet:

  • You have small children and/or pets – Spills and other accidents are inevitable when kids or pets are part of the family. A vinyl floor makes cleanup a breeze, as you can simply wipe up or mop away messes.
  • You’re going for a more modern look – If you’re setting out to make over a space, replacing old carpet with stylish vinyl is a surefire way to modernize. Add flair as you update by choosing a unique pattern and shade from the virtually endless options available at our Bryn Mawr flooring store.
  • You’re adding flooring to an area that receives heavy foot traffic – For sections of the home that family members and guests pass through often, vinyl flooring is a much safer bet than carpet. Since it’s easy to maintain and it resists scratches and moisture, this resilient material is better equipped to hold up well in these areas.

Nervous about losing the cushy padding that carpeting provides? Supplement your ultra-durable vinyl flooring with area rugs to get the best of both worlds!

Discover Fabulous & Affordable Vinyl Flooring Options at Norman Carpet

Ready to renovate the flooring in your home or commercial space? Come explore our wow-worthy selection and get helpful advice on the most ideal flooring for your application at Norman Carpet, the trusted Bryn Mawr flooring store! You can also visit us at our Conshohocken location or request an in-home consultation – whatever is most convenient for you.

To speak with one of our friendly flooring experts, stop by or give us a call today at 800-220-RUGS (800-220-7847). We look forward to showing you why we rank as the unrivaled customer choice for resilient flooring products, carpet and so much more!

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