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Cleaning Your Ceramic Tile Floors

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There are plenty of reasons to choose ceramic tile flooring, whether it’s in your kitchen, bathroom, or even a laundry room. Ceramic tile is often selected for aesthetic purposes, in addition to being a cost-effective option and easy to maintain. While durable, you should still learn to properly clean and care for ceramic tile to extend its life and keep your house looking beautiful. Norman Carpet One serving King of Prussia offers the following tips to help you maintain the beauty of your tile.

How to Clean Your Tile Floor

  • Vacuum. While this may seem obvious enough, you might underestimate the importance of keeping your ceramic surface clear of dust and dirt. Vacuuming or sweeping daily (or at least several times a week) will prevent dulling or scratching of the tile. As many pairs of feet trample over the buildup of dirt and grit, the unwanted debris may decide to make itself at home and become embedded in the tile or grout. Not to mention, any amount of dirt takes away from the beauty of the tile.
  • Use Proper Cleaning Solutions. Actually, this is another easy one. Store-bought cleaners may be fine, but you can give your ceramic floor a proper cleaning with products found in most homes! Our King of Prussia flooring store recommends using white vinegar mixed with water. This mixture is effective and eliminates odors. And any time you can avoid using harsh chemicals, you do your flooring and your family a favor.
  • Keep Your Grout Clean. The grout in between tiles typically discolors over time. White grout is most popular, but it’s also quickest to fade. The best way to prevent this is by sealing your floors after the installation of the tile. The seal becomes a protective barrier, which keeps dirt, water, and stains from soaking in. The experts at our flooring store serving King of Prussia can discuss with you how often you should seal your floors.

Norman Carpet One in King of Prussia – The Flooring Experts

These simple tips will preserve the beauty of your tiles and make your home look clean and welcoming. Ceramic tile is a great choice for many families due to its reasonably-priced and low-maintenance qualities. If you need assistance in selecting flooring materials, contact the best flooring store serving King of Prussia, Norman Carpet One, to schedule your personal consultation or receive a free estimate.

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