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Key Considerations When Selecting An Area Rug Style

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A few posts back, we gave you some pointers for choosing an area rug size, shape and style that achieves both your design vision and your practical goals. Today, we’re back with more tips to help you decide on the very best rug variety to complete your space. After all, there are virtually endless options to choose from at our Conshohocken flooring store, so it definitely helps to have a little guidance!

Key Considerations When Selecting An Area Rug Style

Before visiting our Bryn Mawr or Conshohocken flooring store showroom to browse our vast selection, we suggest taking some time to answer these questions:

  • What aesthetic are you going for? Whether small, medium or large, an area rug can set the whole tone of a room. Instantly modernize your space by adding an eye-catching, unexpected area rug, or make it feel elegant and refined with a more timeless, formal style.
  • Do you want your area rug to make a statement? Once you’ve narrowed down your selection by pinpointing your preferred rug style, it’s time to think about color and pattern. If you’d like your area rug to be the star of the show, you might go with a contrasting shade or a loud pattern that stands out among other design elements in the space. If you’d rather have your rug blend in with the rest of your décor, then you’ll probably want to look for more muted, neutral tones and a pattern that’s on the minimalistic side.
  • What rug texture best suits your space? Even if you choose an area rug featuring a less vibrant pattern or colors, you can still achieve plenty of visual intrigue. Area rugs come in many different textures, ranging from low-pile flat weave to high-pile plush. Pull inspiration from what’s already in your space (window treatments, artwork, furniture, etc.), or add a new texture into the mix.

Last but not least, make sure your area rug aligns with any more practical concerns you might have. For example, if you’re shopping for a rug for your dining area, you’ll probably want to select something that’s easy to clean and will hold up well over time, such as a low-pile rug with a stain-concealing pattern.

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