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4 Amazing Features of Flat-Weave Rugs & Stair Runners

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Have you been keeping up with blog posts from our flooring store near King of Prussia? You may have already seen our breakdown of the many advantages area rugs can offer for your residence. Today, we’d like to focus in on a specific type of rug that has some extra special benefits: flat-weave rugs.

As you would expect based on the name, flat-weave rugs are flat (as opposed to plush) and woven (as opposed to knotted). This sets them apart from traditional carpet and other area rugs, which have “pile” (fiber/wool) attached to them. In addition to rugs, flat-weave carpet also comes in the form of stair runners. Check out the gorgeous custom installation pictured above!

So, why does our flooring store near King of Prussia recommend this type of flooring for both homes and commercial spaces? Read on to find out!

4 Amazing Features of Flat-Weave Rugs & Stair Runners

  1. They Coexist Well with Pets & Kids – Flat-weave rugs offer a soft landing pad for kids and furry friends. However, they are not so cushy that they trap an abundance of dust, dander and other debris. When placed over a non-slip rug pad, these low-pile rugs will stay put reliably, meaning they won’t pose a slip or trip hazard.
  2. They’re Simple to Maintain – Luxury rugs such as oriental rugs make a lovely statement piece, but they’re not quite as durable as other flooring options. For areas that receive heavy foot traffic, a flat-weave rug is the smart choice. After all, these rugs can typically be thrown right into the washing machine when a refresh is needed.
  3. They’ve Got Loads of Personality – Flat-weave rugs are known and loved for their vibrant colors and patterns. From mild to wild, there’s a rug for every style and design scheme.
  4. They’re Easy on the Wallet – Last but certainly not least, flat-weave carpet is very budget friendly. Whether you’re purchasing rugs for the household or installing a stair runner, flat woven is a cost-effective option that still delivers dependable, lasting quality.

This is merely an introduction to flat-weave rugs and their phenomenal versatility. To learn more about why this flooring is so hot right now and to see our extensive selection, stop by Norman Carpet.

At our flooring store near King of Prussia, we have flat-weave rugs for all. They’re available in an impressive range of sizes, patterns and colors. Come browse our inventory in person today at our Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr showroom!


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