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How to Combine Flooring Styles Like a Pro

Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

From aesthetics to practicality, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to put different types of flooring in different areas of your home. Fortunately, it’s totally possible to maintain a cohesive look when you mix and match flooring materials – even in an open concept floor plan. To help you create seamless flooring transitions that work for your space, our flooring store near King of Prussia has a few tips and tricks to share.

3 Flooring Transition Tips from Our Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

Flooring can be a highly effective tool to define a space and set your desired atmosphere. Here’s how to mingle flooring materials without sacrificing the unity of your floor plan:

  1. Start by considering function – First things first, we recommend thinking about the practical features you want from your floor. For instance, when selecting flooring for a high-traffic area like the kitchen, you’ll want to choose something that’s moisture resistant and easy to maintain. Once you’ve narrowed down which materials will work best for your planned usage, you can move on to aesthetic details.
  2. Identify the most natural transition point – When switching from one type of flooring to another, it’s important to be strategic so the transition doesn’t seem abrupt. The best place for a shift will be more obvious in some spaces than others. To find the sweet spot, look for architectural lines which serve as a natural separation point, such as the end of kitchen cabinets. If you have one or more stairs leading from one area to the next, this is also a great place to end one type of flooring and pick up with another.
  3. Find common ground – To make sure your flooring flows smoothly in a visual sense, our flooring store near King of Prussia suggests choosing materials with at least one common design element. If contrasting dark and light flooring, try to keep the direction of the pattern consistent. Or, if you wish to blend two distinct patterns, stick with options from the same color family.

Outfit Your Home with Stunning Flooring from Norman Carpet

Whether you’re looking to refresh the floors in your living area, entryway, stairwell or master bedroom, Norman Carpet offers the most extensive selection you’ll find. Known as the premier flooring store near King of Prussia, we go above and beyond to provide our valued customers with flooring of the highest quality, for unmatched low prices.

As you’ll discover when you browse our website, our huge selection includes everything from cozy wool carpet to resilient stone flooring to elegant area rugs. To see our extraordinary flooring options in person, stop by our Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr location. Or, give us a call at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to set up a shop-at-home consultation. We look forward to assisting you on your search for breathtaking flooring that meets all your needs!

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