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Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

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Photo: Alex, Flickr Creative Commons

Temperatures are cooling, school’s back in session, and cafés everywhere are ordering mass quantities of pumpkin flavoring. Could it be fall?

While summer was fun, we at Norman Carpet One are excited to embrace the fall season and all of the wonders it brings. But before you run off and grab your favorite hoodie, make sure you’re up to date on the maintenance your home requires as the cold season descends.

For the convenience of all of our Montgomery and Bucks County customers (and anyone else reading, of course), here’s a handy checklist that will have your home autumn-ready!

1. Have you cleaned the fireplace/chimney? This one will require a professional, but it’s worth the investment. In addition to clearing out furry pests, a chimney cleaning will ensure that the damper is tightly closed to prevent drafts.

2. Have you stored the air conditioners properly? Some of you have window units that you pop in at the start of summer and stow away for the winter. If that’s the case for you, be sure to store your A/C system properly: dusted, cleaned, and covered.

3. Have you sealed off doors and windows? Cracks around these are common sources of heat loss during those frigid Pennsylvania winters. Make sure you seal them up to keep the toasty air inside.

4. Have you put up storm windows? In a few weeks, it will be time to clean and store removable screens and replace them with storm windows that can keep out the elements.

5. Have you had the heating system checked? That means ensuring your system isn’t blocked or covered by carpeting, furniture, or curtains, as well as dusting vents and cleaning all filters. An annual heating system check-up isn’t a bad idea to maximize your system’s efficiency. (We all like an efficient, budget-friendly heating system!)

6. Have you cleaned out the gutters? This is the one you’ll want to put off until after the trees have shed their foliage. Especially if your yard is heavily shrouded, have the gutters cleaned out by professionals to prevent them from clogging and causing floods later.

7. Have you made each room in your house cozy with carpeting? Hardwood flooring is great, but everyone knows that when that first November gust blows in, it’s carpeting you’ll crave. Consider replacing threadbare or damaged carpets with plush new ones, or covering hardwood floors with area rugs during the winter months. Not only will this aid with your home’s insulation, your bare feet will thank you when you set foot on your bedroom floor.

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