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The Haverford Flooring Company That Does It Differently

When designing a room, a little bit of style goes a long way. For example, the perfect piece of furniture can create just the mood you’re going for, while just the right paint color can take the ambience from harsh to pleasing. An important choice every home and business owner must make is the flooring. Whether it’s carpeting, hardwood, rugs, ceramic, or stone, the flooring is vital to creating the right feel in every room.

Explore the most options for the lowest prices at Norman Carpet One, the Haverford flooring business with the biggest inventory around. A member of the highly regarded Carpet One network, our store stocks the finest materials at bargain rates. We’re proud to be a trusted service provider for homeowners and office managers looking to take their building’s flooring to the next level.

The Philosophy Behind Our Haverford Flooring Service

Customers who stop by our Haverford flooring store sometimes ask us how we manage to post prices up to half as low as those posted by big-name home improvement stores. The answer is simple: We connect directly with wholesalers to get materials that might otherwise go to waste. By snatching up overruns, mill trials, irregulars, and overstocks at a fraction of the price, we’re able to keep our rates incredibly low.

In addition to selling the highest-quality carpets, rugs, hardwood, ceramic, and stone flooring, we’re passionate about installation and support, too. That’s why all of our professional installations of any in-stock product take place within 48 hours or less. It’s also why we offer services like Shop-at-Home, made-to-order rugs, hardwood restoration, and professional design consultations.

We also go above and beyond other Haverford flooring companies by posting our latest discounts on our website each week. Check back regularly on our Warehouse Specials, where you’ll find pure wool carpets and heirloom-quality rugs at amazingly low prices.

With our “Beautiful Guarantee,” you don’t have to worry about being dissatisfied with your purchase. Let us know within 60 days and we’ll replace your product for free.

Come to Our Haverford Flooring Business Today

We’re always excited to meet customers who’ve never had the Norman Carpet One experience before. Let us show you what it really means to be flooring professionals — come to our store today! We’re sure you will not be disappointed.

Direct any questions to our friendly staff by calling 800-220-RUGS!

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