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Area Rugs vs. Carpet: Which Is Right for Your Space?

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Area rugs and carpet both offer a warm, cushioned landing pad for your feet. Still, the two flooring options have several distinct differences. If you’re looking for expert tips on deciding between wall-to-wall carpet vs. area rugs for your home, you’ve come to the right place! Our flooring store near King of Prussia is here to highlight important considerations to help you choose your ideal flooring material.

Area Rugs vs. Carpet: Which Is Right for Your Space?

When comparing carpet and area rugs for your space, key factors to think about include:

  • Coverage – Area rugs can be strategically placed to provide comfort underfoot in places where it’s most desired, such as alongside a bed or couch. Meanwhile, wall-to-wall carpet extends supreme coziness to the entire room. The right option for you depends on whether having a plush landing pad is a priority only in certain areas, or if you desire flooring that provides maximum comfort throughout your entire space.
  • Maintenance – With many being machine washable, area rugs offer easier upkeep than carpet, generally speaking. Many families with kids, pets and/or allergy sufferers prefer area rugs to carpet because they trap less dust and are easier to clean when spills occur.
  • Design Unity – Of course, aesthetics will be a crucial determining factor in the best flooring option for you. If you’re aiming for a unified design featuring more neutral flooring, wall-to-wall carpet will help you achieve your goal. Area rugs, on the other hand, work well to create a sense of separation between rooms in an open floor plan. With a huge variety of patterns, colors and styles available to coordinate with any home design, area rugs invite you to make a statement with your flooring.

Trust Norman Carpet for Premier Flooring at Fair Prices

Ultimately, the choice to outfit your space with carpet, area rugs or another flooring type entirely is a personal one. If you’d like some help deciding, our flooring store near King of Prussia is here to assist! To see our selection of incredible flooring options, you can visit us at our showroom in Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr.

Or, let our experts come to you by requesting a shop-at-home appointment. Either way, you’ll have access to our full array of competitively priced flooring, which includes carpet, area rugs, resilient flooring, hardwood and more! To get started on finding your new favorite floor, call us at 800-220-RUGS (7847) or stop by either of our showrooms.

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