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Creating Your Perfect Custom Stair Runner with Our Conshohocken Flooring Store

Conshohocken flooring storeConshohocken flooring store

A few posts back, our Conshohocken flooring store explored the many benefits of adding custom stair runners throughout your home. Today, we’re back to give you a bit more detail on the process for bringing a personalized stair runner to life with professional assistance from Norman Carpet!

Creating Your Perfect Custom Stair Runner in 3 Simple Steps

Transforming your stairs with a custom runner is as easy as 1-2-3!:

  1. Contemplate your dream pattern – Needless to say, selecting a pattern is one of the most important steps in crafting your custom stair runner. Maybe you’re in the market for something bold and unforgettable, such as animal print. Or, perhaps a more subtly patterned runner is more up your alley. We suggest thinking it over a bit before you start shopping, to avoid getting overwhelmed by the nearly endless options.
  2. Browse our selection – Whatever you’re envisioning, you’ll find a beautiful selection of high-quality yet well-priced options at our Bryn Mawr & Conshohocken flooring store showrooms! If you’d prefer to have our flooring experts come to you instead, then you’ll love our ultra-convenient shop-at-home service.
  3. Schedule your installation – Once you’ve found the ideal runner for your home and style, all that’s left to do is schedule an installation time at your convenience! You can count on our detail-oriented specialists to create the perfect custom fit for your unique staircase and aesthetic goals.

And that’s all there is to it! Once we’ve confirmed that you are totally satisfied with our work, we’ll leave you to enjoy your new and improved stairs.

Get Started on Your Flooring Project with the Friendly Team at Norman Carpet

From minimizing the risk of slips and falls to making your interior a striking reflection of your personality, there are so many reasons to consider a custom stair runner for your home. Norman Carpet is proud to offer an extensive selection of gorgeous & durable options for stair runners, including flat-weave and wool carpeting.

Much more than just a carpet supplier, our Conshohocken flooring store also provides the premier selection of area rugs, hardwood, stone, ceramic and resilient flooring. If you’re eager to see the wonderful selections we’ve got in store for you, call today at 800-220-RUGS (7847) or stop by either of our showrooms!

Media Room Flooring: Which Types Work Best?

Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

When you invest in high-quality equipment for a home theater or media room, naturally you’ll want to design the space thoughtfully in order to achieve the best possible sound quality. A key step towards optimizing the audio in your entertainment space is choosing flooring that will help create the ideal acoustic balance. Today, our flooring store near King of Prussia will discuss some of the best flooring options for media rooms & home theaters.

Media Room Flooring: Which Types Work Best?

  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet – In any home theater, it’s important to temper the reverberation so the audio is not too intense. Outfitting your entertainment haven with wall-to-wall carpet will work to absorb some of the excess frequencies coming from the speakers, making for crisp & clarified audio. Wool carpet is a particularly cozy choice that is highly durable, affordable and easy to maintain!
  • Carpet Tiles – If whole-room carpeting feels like too much of a commitment, carpet tiles are a terrific alternative. The beauty of this flexible flooring is that the tiles can be placed atop existing floors, as well as mixed and matched, to craft a custom flooring solution. And if a spill or other wear and tear occurs, it’s simple to replace just that portion of the carpet!
  • Hard Flooring + Area Rug – Not keen on replacing the existing hardwood or vinyl flooring in your media area, but still want some sound control? Putting a plush area rug under your seating is a smart compromise. This solution will help temper the reverb & accomplish acoustic balance, while also adding comfort underfoot.

Hopefully, this article from our flooring store near King of Prussia has helped you get a feel for what type of flooring might function best in your multimedia room.

Work with Norman Carpet to Find the Perfect Floor for Your Purposes

Now more than ever, there is immense value in creating a relaxing space where your family can gather to enjoy in-home entertainment. Whether you’re looking to make some upgrades to your existing living space, or to transform part of your home into a designated media room, Norman Carpet is here to provide fantastic floors for your project!

In addition to the best selection of high-quality flooring materials, our flooring store near King of Prussia is proud to have the lowest prices around. Our expansive inventory includes luxurious yet affordable carpet, area rugs and carpet tiles in a range of different styles – plus stunning hardwoods and all the latest resilient flooring products.

If you’re ready to find a floor you adore, stop by one of our showrooms (Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr) at your convenience! Or, give us a call at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to arrange a shop-at-home appointment with one of our design experts.

Beat the Heat with These 3 Home-Cooling Flooring Options

Conshohocken flooring store

Struggling to stay cool during the dog days of summer? You’re definitely not alone! As temperatures continue to climb in the Philadelphia area, many homeowners are looking for creative ways to cool their homes without jacking up the A/C. One thing you may not have considered yet? Your floors. Believe it or not, the flooring materials you choose can greatly impact how cool and comfortable your home feels. Our Conshohocken flooring store is here to introduce three flooring options that will help you maintain a cool summertime home.

3 Home-Cooling Flooring Options from Our Conshohocken Flooring Store

  1. Vinyl – Luxury vinyl flooring is known for its impressive ability to mimic the look of real wood. Beyond appearance, this low-density flooring material serves several practical purposes. Vinyl stays cool underfoot because it does not store heat readily. Plus, it’s waterproof and a breeze to maintain, meaning it’s an especially great choice for your shore house!
  2. Concrete – One of the most eco-friendly flooring options out there, concrete stays refreshingly cool during summer and holds onto heat in the winter. Use it for the sunroom, the laundry room or even in the kitchen to make a modern design statement.
  3. Tile – Tile flooring is an equally suitable option for areas of the home you wish to keep cool during the hot months. Much like the options already listed, it will remain at a comfortable temperature even on scorching days. Adding to its appeal, tile resists water and is very durable!

Eager to switch up the flooring in one area of your home, but want to make sure it’ll still look great with the surroundings? Check out this post on how to combine flooring styles like a pro, courtesy of our Conshohocken flooring store.

Plan Your End-of-Summer Flooring Makeover with Norman Carpet

Dreaming of new flooring that will enhance your home’s style and comfort? A world of options awaits you at Norman Carpet! From resilient flooring to ceramic & stone to carpet & area rugs, we offer everything you could ever want in our broad selection.

To explore our exquisite, unbeatably priced flooring options, stop by one of our showrooms – in Bryn Mawr or Conshohocken. Or, request a shop-at-home appointment with one of our experts by calling 800-220-RUGS (7847). Either way, we look forward to helping you on the pursuit for your perfect flooring!

How to Combine Flooring Styles Like a Pro

Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

From aesthetics to practicality, there are a number of reasons why you may wish to put different types of flooring in different areas of your home. Fortunately, it’s totally possible to maintain a cohesive look when you mix and match flooring materials – even in an open concept floor plan. To help you create seamless flooring transitions that work for your space, our flooring store near King of Prussia has a few tips and tricks to share.

3 Flooring Transition Tips from Our Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

Flooring can be a highly effective tool to define a space and set your desired atmosphere. Here’s how to mingle flooring materials without sacrificing the unity of your floor plan:

  1. Start by considering function – First things first, we recommend thinking about the practical features you want from your floor. For instance, when selecting flooring for a high-traffic area like the kitchen, you’ll want to choose something that’s moisture resistant and easy to maintain. Once you’ve narrowed down which materials will work best for your planned usage, you can move on to aesthetic details.
  2. Identify the most natural transition point – When switching from one type of flooring to another, it’s important to be strategic so the transition doesn’t seem abrupt. The best place for a shift will be more obvious in some spaces than others. To find the sweet spot, look for architectural lines which serve as a natural separation point, such as the end of kitchen cabinets. If you have one or more stairs leading from one area to the next, this is also a great place to end one type of flooring and pick up with another.
  3. Find common ground – To make sure your flooring flows smoothly in a visual sense, our flooring store near King of Prussia suggests choosing materials with at least one common design element. If contrasting dark and light flooring, try to keep the direction of the pattern consistent. Or, if you wish to blend two distinct patterns, stick with options from the same color family.

Outfit Your Home with Stunning Flooring from Norman Carpet

Whether you’re looking to refresh the floors in your living area, entryway, stairwell or master bedroom, Norman Carpet offers the most extensive selection you’ll find. Known as the premier flooring store near King of Prussia, we go above and beyond to provide our valued customers with flooring of the highest quality, for unmatched low prices.

As you’ll discover when you browse our website, our huge selection includes everything from cozy wool carpet to resilient stone flooring to elegant area rugs. To see our extraordinary flooring options in person, stop by our Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr location. Or, give us a call at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to set up a shop-at-home consultation. We look forward to assisting you on your search for breathtaking flooring that meets all your needs!

Why Our Bryn Mawr Flooring Store Loves Wool Carpet (And You Will, Too!)

Bryn Mawr flooring store

Carpet is a classic yet contemporary choice for spaces throughout the home. Whether it’s used for the family room, on the stairs or as exercise area flooring, carpet offers a long list of advantages. Wool carpet is a particularly amazing option with many perks to offer. It’s cozy, easy to maintain, and affordable – a great choice for any home. Allow our Bryn Mawr flooring store to show you why!

Why Our Bryn Mawr Flooring Store Loves Wool Carpet

Here are just a few of the many favorable characteristics of wool carpet:

  • Durability – The fiber structure of wool naturally repels stains and soils, making it a hardwearing choice that’s well suited to households with kids and pets.
  • Easy Maintainability – Unlike some types of carpet, wool does not tend to trap lint, bacteria or dust. This qualifies it as a hypoallergenic flooring material that’s super simple to vacuum!
  • Sustainability – Wool carpet is biodegradable and made with renewable resources, so it’s sure to thrill eco-minded consumers. Not to mention its insulating properties can help lower energy bills while creating a cozy texture underfoot. It’s a very sustainable option!
  • Affordability – Contrary to what you might expect based on its elegant, luxurious look and feel, wool carpet can be a very cost-effective and affordable flooring option. It’s especially affordable when you choose a stock wool from our Bryn Mawr flooring store, such as the one featured in the photo above!

Find Way More Than Just Carpet at Norman Carpet!

Searching for your dream floor? The professionals at Norman Carpet are here to help you find it! As the premier Bryn Mawr flooring store, we are committed to offering exceptional customer service and quality products at highly competitive prices.

Both of our locations (Conshohocken and Bryn Mawr) have officially reopened, with guidelines in place to keep our customers and staff safe. Come check out our massive inventory of carpet (and every other flooring material you could imagine) at either of our convenient locations. Or, give us a call at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to request a personal consultation with one of our experts in the comfort of your own home!

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