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Entryway Flooring Ideas from Our Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

The mudroom, the foyer, the entryway… Regardless of what you call the room where family members and guests step into your home, one thing is for sure: It’s key to have functional, easy-to-maintain flooring here. At our premier flooring store near King of Prussia, we’ve got many such options to choose from! Today, we’ll lay out a few top picks and pro tricks for selecting your ideal entryway flooring.

Entryway Flooring Ideas from Our Flooring Store Near King of Prussia

  • Vinyl flooring is a grade-A option for any area of the home that gets subjected to a lot of foot traffic or other wear and tear. With well-engineered vinyl plank flooring, you can achieve a look that’s comparable in beauty to your favorite hardwood, but with elevated durability and ease of maintenance. This modern material comes in a broad range of colors and “grains” to complement design themes ranging from moody to airy.
  • Tile is another well-suited selection for entryways of all styles. Offering superb moisture resistance and excellent longevity, tile can be easily wiped clean when evidence of the outdoors appears inside. Available in many shapes, colors and textures, tile can be integrated into any new or existing design.
  • A patterned area rug adds luxe texture & pizzazz to the entrance of your abode. Plus, it serves the double duty of giving guests a place to take off their shoes, thus helping to minimize transfer of debris and moisture elsewhere. For best results, choose a washable, low-pile area rug that you can easily vacuum, spot clean or toss in the washing machine as needed.

These aesthetically pleasing yet hard-wearing floor options will help you cut down on cleanup while giving your guests a warm, inviting welcome!

Norman Carpet Offers an Array of Resilient Flooring Options for Your Mudroom

Eager to install flooring that enhances your entryway and makes your life easier? At our flooring store near King of Prussia, you’ll find an expansive range of durable floor materials that can be customized to your specifications. From colorful, washable area rugs to highly resilient stone, vinyl and laminate floors, we offer endless options for mess- & moisture-prone areas.

We give you two easy ways to browse our selection and find your dream floor: Simply stop by a Norman Carpet showroom, or request a shop-at-home appointment with one of our flooring specialists. To learn more and schedule a design consultation, call us today at 800-220-RUGS (7847)!

Update Your Home Office with Functional, Attractive Flooring

Bryn Mawr flooring store

With more people working remotely than ever before, many homeowners in the Philadelphia suburbs are investing in renovations for their home offices. If your work-from-home space could use an update, the floor is a great place to start! Flooring is the foundation of any room, and it can be strategically chosen to help achieve your desired aesthetic and atmosphere. Today, our Bryn Mawr flooring store will offer tips on selecting a new floor that is a marvelous fit for your home office.

Choosing New Flooring for Your Home Office: What to Consider

  • Your office furniture – Specifically, how will it mesh with your potential flooring options? If you have a sliding office chair, a high-pile carpet or rug likely isn’t your best choice. Vinyl flooring may be a more suitable option in this case, thanks to its durability, skid resistance and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Flooring in adjacent spaces – If you have a certain type of flooring throughout your home, such as hardwood, you may wish to stick with this variety in the interest of continuity. To prevent scratches from swivel desk chairs and soften hard flooring, you can always add a stylish low-pile area rug.
  • Your ideal work environment – To help guide you to the right floor, our Bryn Mawr flooring store suggests making a list of what you value most in your home office space. For instance, if noise absorption is a priority, you might choose carpet or cushioned resilient flooring. Meanwhile, if you’re seeking a more luxe, nature-inspired feel, perhaps you’ll go for hardwood.

Of course, you can take creative liberties with your flooring color & pattern/grain, no matter which variety you choose. It’s all about creating a practical, comfortable space that promotes productivity for you!

Enter a World of Premier Options at Our Bryn Mawr Flooring Store

Ready to treat yourself to fresh new flooring in your home office or another part of your home? Norman Carpet has a huge range of top-quality products to select from, for every taste and budget! To see our expansive variety of flooring materials for yourself, stop by our Bryn Mawr flooring store at your convenience. Or, call us at 800-220-RUGS (7847) to schedule a shop-at-home appointment with our design experts!

Choosing An Area Rug: Tips from Our Conshohocken Flooring Store

Conshohocken flooring store

Looking to add flair and function to your interior? An area rug can help you achieve these goals! From bold, contemporary patterns to more minimalistic designs, area rugs come in an extensive range of styles to suit every décor scheme. When shopping for the perfect rug to complete your space, it’s helpful to have guidelines on choosing the appropriate size, shape and style. So, our Conshohocken flooring store is here to offer a few pointers! 

Choosing An Area Rug: Tips from Our Conshohocken Flooring Store

In search of an area rug that complements your space and checks every box on your wishlist? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Size – Of course, the proper sizing for your area rug will depend on where it will be laid. As a rule of thumb, the edges of your rug should be about 6-14 inches away from the wall or the transition point to the next room. In a dining room, an area rug should ideally be large enough that all chairs remain on it when pulled out completely. To ensure a balanced & comfortable living space design, you’ll want to select a rug large enough for the front furniture legs (or all furniture legs) to sit on it.
  • Shape – Area rugs come in a variety of shapes, from rectangular to circular to octagonal. To decide on a rug shape that fits your space, take a cue from your furniture. For example, a circular dining table will pair well with a circular rug. Similarly, a rectangular rug is a good choice to frame a bed. 
  • Style – If your rug will be placed in an area that receives a considerable amount of foot traffic, a low-pile variety is likely to be your best bet. Low-pile rugs such as flat-weave rugs trap a minimal amount of debris and can be cleaned in a snap. A fluffier rug may be used to cozy up an area that receives less foot traffic – just be aware that it will require more careful maintenance.

As for rug color/pattern, the choice is all yours! We suggest thinking about what you aim to achieve in your design with your new area rug. Whether it’s adding a pop of color & texture, or defining a space, let your goals and instincts guide you to your perfect rug! 

Work with Our Experts to Acquire the Rug of Your Dreams

Eager to take your home’s style and comfort to the next level with a modern area rug? The professionals at Norman Carpet are here to help you select a fantastic option for your space!

We offer an immense selection of rug colors, patterns and sizes, and we can even custom-fabricate your perfect area rug upon request! To begin collaborating with our design specialists, call our Conshohocken flooring store at 800-220-RUGS (7847), stop by one of our showrooms or request a shop-at-home appointment today!

Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl: The Differences Explained

Bryn Mawr flooring store

As the technologies used to manufacture flooring products have advanced, a selection of beautiful resilient flooring options has emerged. If you’ve been contemplating a flooring upgrade, you may be wondering if a modern option such as luxury vinyl is a good fit. Or, should you stick with classic hardwood floors? The short answer is, it all depends on your application and preferences! To help you make the right decision, our Bryn Mawr flooring store is here to share a comparison of hardwood vs. luxury vinyl flooring.

Hardwood vs. Luxury Vinyl: The Differences Explained 

Let’s explore the key differences between hardwood vs. luxury vinyl flooring:

  • Durability – While hardwood is quite durable, luxury vinyl takes the resilience up a notch. Requiring very little maintenance, luxury vinyl is a hardwearing choice that can readily withstand moisture and heavy foot traffic. Thus, this flooring can be installed in high-use, high-moisture areas like the laundry room, bathroom, mudroom or even the basement without fear of damage. Use of hardwood, on the other hand, is limited to areas which are not prone to moisture exposure or high levels of foot traffic. When installed in a living space or dining room, it lends unmatched charm and natural beauty!
  • Aesthetic Options – Both vinyl and wood floors can be easily customized to fit your color palette and achieve your aesthetic goals. Vinyl comes in an exceptional range of styles designed to mimic real hardwood. These styles include knotty pine, oak and walnut, as well as more modern finishes like black & white. But of course, if you desire the most authentic rustic look and feel, nothing beats real hardwood. 
  • Affordability – In terms of cost, vinyl flooring tends to be significantly less expensive than hardwood. Genuine wood flooring comes at an average price point of $5 to $10 per square foot. On the other hand, vinyl plank flooring is more cost-effective at $2 to $7 per square foot, generally speaking. Naturally, this is important to bear in mind when choosing your flooring material.

Look to Our Conshohocken & Bryn Mawr Flooring Store for the Best Pricing & Selection  

Do you have a new flooring installation or renovation project on the horizon? Norman Carpet – the customer-preferred Bryn Mawr flooring store – is here to help make it a total success! To see samples of our flooring options, visit one of our showrooms – in Conshohocken or Bryn Mawr. Or, take advantage of our shop-at-home service to get professional design advice & assistance choosing your ideal flooring, in the comfort of your own home!

As long-time flooring experts, we are proud to offer the widest selection of top-quality hardwood, resilient flooring, carpet and more – all at unbeatable prices. To request a shop-at-home consultation or learn more about what’s in store at our showrooms, call us at 800-220-RUGS (7847).

Creating Your Perfect Custom Stair Runner with Our Conshohocken Flooring Store

Conshohocken flooring storeConshohocken flooring store

A few posts back, our Conshohocken flooring store explored the many benefits of adding custom stair runners throughout your home. Today, we’re back to give you a bit more detail on the process for bringing a personalized stair runner to life with professional assistance from Norman Carpet!

Creating Your Perfect Custom Stair Runner in 3 Simple Steps

Transforming your stairs with a custom runner is as easy as 1-2-3!:

  1. Contemplate your dream pattern – Needless to say, selecting a pattern is one of the most important steps in crafting your custom stair runner. Maybe you’re in the market for something bold and unforgettable, such as animal print. Or, perhaps a more subtly patterned runner is more up your alley. We suggest thinking it over a bit before you start shopping, to avoid getting overwhelmed by the nearly endless options.
  2. Browse our selection – Whatever you’re envisioning, you’ll find a beautiful selection of high-quality yet well-priced options at our Bryn Mawr & Conshohocken flooring store showrooms! If you’d prefer to have our flooring experts come to you instead, then you’ll love our ultra-convenient shop-at-home service.
  3. Schedule your installation – Once you’ve found the ideal runner for your home and style, all that’s left to do is schedule an installation time at your convenience! You can count on our detail-oriented specialists to create the perfect custom fit for your unique staircase and aesthetic goals.

And that’s all there is to it! Once we’ve confirmed that you are totally satisfied with our work, we’ll leave you to enjoy your new and improved stairs.

Get Started on Your Flooring Project with the Friendly Team at Norman Carpet

From minimizing the risk of slips and falls to making your interior a striking reflection of your personality, there are so many reasons to consider a custom stair runner for your home. Norman Carpet is proud to offer an extensive selection of gorgeous & durable options for stair runners, including flat-weave and wool carpeting.

Much more than just a carpet supplier, our Conshohocken flooring store also provides the premier selection of area rugs, hardwood, stone, ceramic and resilient flooring. If you’re eager to see the wonderful selections we’ve got in store for you, call today at 800-220-RUGS (7847) or stop by either of our showrooms!

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