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Conshohocken Carpet Installation

Conshohocken Carpet Installation Experts

When you make the decision to invest in new carpet, whether it’s for your current home or business or a new property, you are met with endless options like: which style to choose, what textile is best, where should you buy from and who should install your brand new carpet. It can be overwhelming! Let us help you narrow it down, starting with the who and the where.

We are Norman Carpet One, and we are located right in Conshohocken! While we also have another showroom in Bryn Mawr, the most convenient location for affordable, quality carpet is right in your zip code! For more than three decades we have reigned supreme as the go-to Conshohocken carpet installation experts. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to our amazing company, we can help you with the rest of your important decisions!

When you come into our showroom for a consultation, you’ll meet with an expert designer who can help you narrow things down in terms of style, color and texture Our designers are experts in aesthetics and know how to work within any sized budget for your Conshohocken carpet installation. Once you have your carpet all picked out, our handy installers will start and complete your Conshohocken carpet installation within 48 hours. That’s just how efficient we are!

Customers First: Motto of the Best Conshohocken Carpet Installation Team

Above all else, we are known for our ability to cater to each individual customer’s needs. Part of the reason we’re so great at this, is that we are part of the Carpet One network. This nationally expansive network helps us provide our customers with the best possible amenities you could want from a Conshohocken carpet installation company. Benefits you’ll only find from us include:

  • Rare styles from our wholesalers who don’t sell to any other company.
  • Significant savings on your Conshohocken carpet installation. In some cases, up to 50%!
  • Access to our “Shop at Home” option, where our experts come to you for your consultation.
  • The Beautiful Guarantee, where we replace your Conshohocken carpet installation if you aren’t totally satisfied (within 60 days, only on select styles).
  • Warranties on any style you choose for you Conshohocken carpet installation.
  • No-questions-asked returns, refunds and exchanges on most Conshohocken carpet installation styles.

Be sure to ask about our contractor-only pricing if your Conshohocken carpet installation is for a large space of 1,000 square feet or more! Let us help you beautify your home or business! Call us today for information and pricing, at 800-220-RUGS!

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