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Haverford Carpet Installation

The Haverford Carpet Installation Relied on for Decades Comes From Norman Carpet One!

So you’ve decided that your home or business could use a real pick-me-up. A new paint job and remodeling can certainly add wonderful sense of rejuvenation to your surroundings, but if you want to make a big splash, you simply need to pay attention to what’s underneath you – that’s right, your floor! A new carpet can add a new level of excitement to your home or business. For the home, a new carpet can instill excitement within you and your family. Suddenly the same-old-same-old living room now has more life in it. Same goes with businesses – your employees will feel refreshed when such a major change takes place. Their work might even improve!

Regardless of your specific needs for a flooring makeover, you’ll need a company that gives the best carpet installation in Haverford. And there’s only one choice: Norman Carpet One! For decades now Haverford residents and businesses have come to Norman Carpet One seeking advice and expertise for their specific flooring needs. What separates us from the rest of the pack? Unlike those big-box home-improvement chain stores, we don’t try to sell you a patio set along with your flooring. We specialize in one thing and one thing only: flooring!

So whether you’re in need of hardwood or carpet installation in Haverford or in need of advice deciding which carpet material, style, and pattern would look best in your space, Norman Carpet One can help. And whether you’re a rookie or veteran of DIY projects, we can give you the expertise to make your Haverford carpet installation turn out perfectly.

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Low Prices Guaranteed!

Our very own Norman the Floorman loves to crack jokes, but there’s no joking when it comes to getting his customers the best deals possible. Because Norman has over four decades of experience in the flooring industry, he’s made a ton of connections with the top suppliers in the nation. And that means his customers get great deals on carpet, tile, and hardwood!

Discounts get passed along to you, the customer, thanks to overruns, discontinued styles, and irregular runs. Does that mean you’re getting a lesser-quality carpet? No way! These carpets may not meet a supplier’s very-high standard for list pricing, so that means they get what they can for these carpets so no product is wasted. It may sound complicated but the bottom line is that you’ll get high-quality carpets for pennies on the dollar!

We urge you to come in before trying your luck with some franchise store. Come talk to our team of experts in our Bryn Mawr or Conshohocken showrooms and you’ll never go anywhere else for your carpet or hardwood! Call 1-800-220-RUGS and ask for a free estimate.

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