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Ceramic and Stone

For sheer beauty and Old-World charm, there’s nothing that can match the timeless appeal of ceramic or stone flooring. And for the widest selection, lowest prices and best service, there’s nobody who does it better than Norman Carpet One. If you want the unrivaled durability of stone flooring, the timeless appeal of marble flooring or the ease-of-maintenance of ceramic flooring, we have what you want.

Since the earliest days of civilization, ceramic and stone flooring products have projected an air of durability, timelessness and elegance—and with good reason. When you see them – whether in a residence or at a place of business – they tell you that place was built to last forever.

Many Materials and Infinite Possibilities

At Norman Carpet One, the selection of materials available is practically endless. We offer glazed tile, porcelain, honed or polished stone and the finest marble. We even offer glass and metal—and they aren’t just for floors. In fact, their uses are limited only by your imagination.

Come see everything that’s available. You select the perfect style. Then our master craftsmen will install them on your walls, ceilings, showers and vanities—even on your kitchen countertop and backsplash.

Quality and Selection at a Great Price

No other materials available can provide such a greater sense of quality – or such a tremendous range of colors, patterns and textures – than ceramic or stone flooring. And nobody can bring them to you at a lower cost than Norman Carpet One.

Trust Norman Carpet One for all your commercial and residential flooring needs. Call the experts at 800-220-RUGS (800-220-7847) today to schedule your personal consultation or visit one of our two convenient locations.

Free Estimates!

Norman Carpet One offers free estimates for all of our products and we can ship worldwide. Call Norman the Floorman at 800-220-RUGS (7847)

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